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    Resumo - NBR / p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Norma Brasileira de Acessibilidade. Popular Pages. p. 1. Resumo - Instalação. - Accessibility to buildings, furniture, . [2] ABNT. NBR Acessibilidade a edificações, mobiliário, espaços e equipamentos urbanos. NBR / Iluminação de ambiente de trabalho. Norma Brasileira— Associação Brasileira de Normas e Técnicas—ABNT. NBR /

    Get abnt nbr pdf file for free from our online library pdf file. Norma abnt nbr brasileira jcbasilio files wordpress com november 7th, norma brasileira abnt nbr segunda ediaa. Abnt nbr acessibilidade a edificacoes, mobiliario, espacos e equipamentos urbanos. This pdf file is prepared as a sample of pdf file we will prepare for you and you can download it for free on docdatabase. Abnt norma brasileira abnt nbr segunda edicao Norma abnt nbr brasileira 4 engftc files wordpress com.

    Pedrosa JIS. Lei n. NBR Rio de Janeiro: ABNT; IBGE; Rev Bras Enferm ; 61 6: Bourdieu P. Editora Bertrand Brasil; Passos NMG. Pouchain; Pianucci A.

    Saber cuidar: SENAC; Pharyngeal effects of bolus volume, viscosity, and temperature in patients with dysphagia resulting from neurologic impairment and in normal subjects. Precocious puberty in children after traumatic brain injury. Persons with disorders of consciousness: Direct clinician- delivered versus indirect family-supported rehabilitation of children with traumatic brain injury: The child with traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy: New York: Pediatric specialists in assistive solutions.

    Tactile Floor em Metallic Industrial Floor | Permetal - Metais Perfurados

    Assistive technology assessment handbook. Boca Raton: CRC Press, Santos Editora, Should we empower the family? Developmental Neurorehabilitation.

    The context-sensitive family-based approach: Guanabara Koogan, Bg Cultural, Community integration and life satisfaction after traumatic brain injury: Cognitive and behavioral analyses of teaching transfer: Sample Characterization To obtain information about the access conditions into building studied, we choose a person without disabilities, but it has restrictions on the use of space: a mother with her baby using a baby carriage for displacement.

    This person was selected to present temporary difficulties of displacement and use of space because of the stroller. Experiment Development Initially, the activities script that should be developed has been defined, such as: to enter in school, to visit the office, to use the bathrooms, to visit the refectory, to visit the library and to visit two Figure 4: School Access — ramp access closed classrooms: one with access ramp and another with access by one step.

    To enter the space, she climbed the stairs of the During the tours, we did observations of user school holding the stroller and baby Figure At this behavior and questions regarding their perception of point she said that only won because the gap is used to the environment and their decision-making behavior raise the baby in the stroller every day in the building and action , complementing the method.

    At the end of where she resides, where there is no elevator. Before applying the method accompanied walk, the interviewee was transported by private car from his residence to the school. Before entering the building we explained the purpose of the tour and what would happen, we asked her to let us know all the difficulties and facilities identified in the route.

    The accompanied walk lasted 50 minutes and occurred in the morning shift. The determination of the date and time was made according to the interviewee Figure 5: Mother had to carry the stroller on the stairs.

    When she arrived at the school hall, she had no difficulty in locating access to the secretary, the school I.

    Contribution from the Use of Alternative Materials in Concrete for Accessibility on Sidewalks

    She said it was easy due to existing ramps Figure Figure 8a e 8b: Mother access the refectory without dificults. However, when she approached reforma ocorrida em figura Figures 07b and 07a.

    Figure 9: Mother with stroller accessing the class room Figure 7a e 7b: Mother using accessible bathroom. When she arrived in the room without access to the ramp, she expressed discomfort, saying that "a person Following the respondent searched the school without strength in his arms could not lift the stroller refectory, she got no problems to identify the space, and walk into the room.

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    Discussion This paper was able to develop one quick theoretical review about accessibility and how to design an accessible manner. Moreover, it presented one design example that aimed to makeover one school to make ir accessible. Throughout the work we tried to have the user feedback regarding the use of adapted space and, thus, learn more about how making buildings more accessible.

    Regardless of the adopted methodology by designers, Figure 10a e 10b: Mother arriving in classroom by ramp. At the end of the accompanied walk, some school staff Because the existing spaces need new human resource informed that the ramp was liberated for use and the and the development of new project outside ideal gate was open.

    Thus, the interviewee could leave the conditions to become accessible. We believe that in cases of makeovers, the designers must first choose to solve the problems of displacement and use, eliminating the physical barriers that, as the acompanied walk done, can restrict the people participation in most activities.

    Later, the project should focus on solutions for the other accessibility components: information and communication. Figure 11a e 11b: Mother with stroller leavind the building by ramp. The mother praised the equipamentos urbanos.

    Projeto de reforma move with the stroller.