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    Gist Of Ncert History Pdf

    History Gist of Ncerts. History Gist of NCERT. Print Friendly, PDF & Email. Related Posts: Class 6th History Gist · Class 8th History Gist · Class 9th History Gist. Ncert Gistasasasas. asas Class 11th History Gist · Class 10th History Gist · Class 9th History Gist · Class 8th History Gist. The titles include the Gist of NCERT Indian Economy, Gist of NCERT Indian Polity , Gist of NCERT Indian History, Gist of NCERT General Science and the Gist of.

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    He disapporved of rituals. Territorial States and the First Magadhan Empire 23 and domestic polices. The fact of his visiting seems that the king war moved by the the Buddhist shrines is also suggested by the massacre in this war.

    Ashoka Ashoka was converted to Buddhism as fought only one major war called the Kalinga a result of the Kalinga war. He tried to conquer them and this was the ideal of paternal kingship. He also appointed Central Asia. He forbade Kalinga war made Ashoka an extreme killing certain birds and animals. There is also revelries. As agents of the king. According to him. Burma and other countries to Ashoka from his Thirteenth Major Rock covert the people there.

    So he abandoned the dhamma yatras mentioned in his inscriptions. According to War. Brahmi inscriptions Edict: Both these empires came to an hand he made gifts to non-Buddhist and even end in the middle of the third. Evidently Satavahanas acted as a stablizing factor in the he also accommodated such languages as Deccan and south to which they gave political Greek. The material culture. Prakrit and Sanskrit and various unity and economic prosperity on the religious sects.

    Ashoka follwed a tolerant strength of their trade with the Roman religious policy. The original history for his policy of peace. Hence Uttar Pradesh. Although the Gupta empire typical of the heart of the empire. Above all ashoka is important in a century from A. This was developed Gangetic basin and the backward the empire of the Guptas.

    He did not try to foist his empire. He worked neighbours. Uttar Pradesh seems to have such a policy. On the other in the north. The Kushans performed the same role buddhist faith on his subjects. Ashoka was fired with zeal for missionary activities. He was the retrirement of the king in B. He had no Pradesh and Bihar at the end of the third model in early Indian history for pursuing century A.

    On the country Ashoka has a independent in their respective areas after number of achievements to his credit. Aramaci and Greek. He deputed On the ruins of the Kushan empire arose officials in the far-flung parts of the empire. If we leave out some feudatories was not aware for his Egyptian predecessor. But it is obvious that Ashoka that state.

    In unifying the empire. The Kharoshthi. Horsemen played the marked the date of his accession. The centre of their operations in a policy of peace and son-aggression. The the use of saddle. This also seems to have been the inscriptions came to be dated in the Gupta case with the Gupta on whose coins horsemen era.

    The Roman empire. Chandragupta I seems to have been a excellent horsemen. In course of time princes of the Ganga-Yamuna doab who this kingdom became an all-India empire. All marriage in a kshtriya family gave them pres- these gave them mobility and made them tige.

    On account of these favourable same pillar which carries the inscriptions of factors the Guptas set up their rule over the peace-loving Ashoka. Saketa modern divided into five groups. Territorial States and the First Magadhan Empire 25 seems to have been the place from where the end around A.

    Ashoka believed advantages. Probably with their centre of Murundas. Twenty-five years later. He married a immediately followed by the Gupta Lichchhavi princess most probably from Ne- antiquities. The Murundas continued to neighbouring regions. They could conquest.

    His court poet Harishena wrote a exploit the iron ores of central India and glowing account of the military exploits of south Bihar. Later many main part. In a long inscription the poet their proximity to the areas in north India enumerates the peoples and countries that which carried on silk trade with the Eastern were conquered by Samudragupta.

    He The Guptas enjoyed certain material was the opposite of Ashoka. The places and the Anuganga the middle Gangetic basin. Guptas were possibly vaishyas. Although some Gupta kings Samudragupta A.

    History NCERT Book PDF For GPSC, UPSC, and Other Exam

    Group one includes Ayodhya and Magadha. It is likely that the Guptas learnt pal. In the Kushan scheme of ruler of considerable importance because he things. He who were made to feel states and some extended the limits of the empire by marriage frontier states such as princes of Nepal.

    Chinese source. So Prabhavati became the virtual Samudragupta. Chandragupta Assam. Ujjain seems to have prestige and influence of Samudragupa been made the second capital by spread even outside India. Group four includes twelve Chandragupta exercised indirect control over rulers of the eastern.

    It also Vakataka prince who belonged to the covers some republics of Punjab. The brahmana caste and ruled in central India. Deccan and south India. According to a Chandragupta II. The and its chief city Ujjain. It is said that Samudragupta sea coast. It was in that Samudragupta never knew any defeat.

    This who were conquered and liberated. As shown by some of her land charters. If we believe the eulogistic adorned by numerous scholars including inscription from Allahabad.

    Thus Samudragupta. There is elaborate account of the life of its people. Group three includes the paler. It seems that by Bihar stem the march of the Hunas into India. After the reign of By the Hunas occupied eastern Skandagupta. The Malwa and Saurashtra. The rulers of Valabhi attained considerable successor not only in established their authority in Gujarat and Iran but also in India. The advantages from rule was shortlived.

    But this proved of no avail. Bengal and their feudatories in Although the rule of the Imperial Guptas Samatata or south-east Bengal tended to lingered till the middle of the sixth century become independent. The late Guptas of A. After blow to the Gupta empire. Although the Huna power was which was bound to reduce their revenues. They could move quickly and Pradesh. By the beginning of the sixth century cope with the Huna invaders. The feaudatory family. Although in the be-ginning the in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

    At first. In Bengal and Bihar passed under Delhi were reluctant to accept his authority. Iwaz was defeated and hore and parts of the Punjab. Yalduz claimed to rue pied it. Iltutmish also ousted Qubacha from was the son-in-law of Aibak. But they The Rajputs took advantage of the situation were a difficult charge. During the early year of his suceeded by Qutbuddin Aibak. Iltutmish marched to Lahore and occu- As the ruler of Ghazni.

    In order to avert this dan- of Muizzuddin. In Bengal Iltutmish must be regarded as the real and Bihar. Establishment of a Strong Monarchy including Ajmer and Bayana. A new danger to his posi- in the expansion of the Turkish Sultanat in tion arose with the conquest of Ghazni by India after the battle of Tarain. Ali sumed independence. Another slave Khwarizm Shah. Iltutmish was able son of Aibak.

    Aibak died of injuries received Sultanat will be discussed in a subsequent in a fall from his horse while playing Chaugan section. But before he Multan and Uchch. At the time of his accession. While he made raids Mardan Khan had declared himself the king on the territory of his neighbours.

    The danger it posed to India and its effects on the Delhi In He was succeeded by Iltutmish who where. The Delhi Sultanate 29 lenged the authority of Delhi. She personnaly same time. The group. Iltutmish had of the Turkish chiefs who had hoped to con- shown great deference to these Turkish tinue their former power and influence in the chiefs.

    The chy and the Turkish chiefs. Iltutmish dis. In order or deputy of Nasiruddin Mahmud. After his death. Raziya was not prepared to play their was replaced by Imadduddin Raihan who game. He party of noble. They soon discovered that though a and outsted Balban from his position. But the attempt to create a of his other rivals by fair or foul means. Ulugh Khan. He sent expedi. Known in his- finally decided to nominate his daughter. Rebellions broke even went so far as to assume the royal in-.

    Balban fur- years. As a revenge. Though brief. Balban agreed to step started holding court with her face unveiled. Ajmer and Negor re. Iltutmish took step s to recover led an expedition against Lahore. After some time. He also attacked Nagda.

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    Balban got rid of many her Kingdom. On the way mained under his control. Yaqut Khan. Raihan was law and order in the length and breath of defeated and killed. The struggle between the monarchy and Raziya the Turkish chiefs continued. Iltutmish Turkish chiefs. Balban woman. Nizam-ul-Mulk Junaidi. Raziya fought valiantly. Balban held the positon of Naib preference to sons was a novel step. She discarded the female apparel and was an Indian Muslim.

    At about the out at Lahore and sirhind. Within one and a half years of his dis- Wazir. In the Ganga-Jamuna doab and state. Jalaluddin Khalji ruled only tary department Diwan-I-arz. The Khalji rebellion posed a serious danger to the Delhi Sultanat. Balban appointed strong cen. Jalaluddin Khalji. The Mewatis had and father-in-law. The law and order situation majority of the people in India were Hindus.

    A second son. Sher Khan. He did not hesitate even to situated. Some historians are of the there was again confusion in Delhi for some opinion that Balban poisoned the young king.

    Alauddin Khalji came to the Awadh. Mahmud died. Prince and also did away to the throne. He was the first ruler of the Delhi the troopers were Turks who had come to Sultanat to clearly put forward the view that India in the time of Iltutmish. Alauddin had accumu- the outskirts of Delhi. They were forbidden to hold. To deal with these el. For these reasons. To keep himself against the Mongols. Circa ments of the Turkish. Robbers were mercilessy pursued lations to prevent the nobles from conspir- and put to Death.

    Since many of rule. But he was too nobles. Balban was not prepared preferred to rule over Bengal and Bihar to share power with anyone. As the become so bold as to plunder people upto governor of Awadh..

    Bughra Khan. His desporters. Apart from this. Amir Khusrau. He was presented to Alauddin. The Gujarat ruler. By these harsh methods. The famous Ghiyasuddin. The import of Arabi. The Delhi Sultanate 31 banquest or festivities. The first two of these sul.

    All the Mon- ports and the trade routes connecting them gols. The first to invite his His favourite. The old and soon rose in his estamation. Iraqi and Turki therefore necessary for Alauddin to subdue horses to India from the western seaports it. It was. After the conquest of Gujarat. To discourage festive parties. Kafur was killed against his neightbours. Alauddin despatched The Tughlaqs an army commanded by one of his reputed Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq established a new generals but it was repulsed with losses by dynasty which ruled till This with the Ganga valley.

    He also in. Alauddin himself had to provided three competent rulers: This becarrn ap. Alauddin Khalji who later led the invasions of south India. Not only were these areas fertile and to the last.

    Its ruler. On alliances without the permission of the sul. After three tanas ruled over an empire which comprised months of close seige. The Tughlaqs Hamirdeva. It was here that Malik Kafur. Malik Kafur. Rai Karan. Alauddin cend the throne of Delhi. Another reasons for event took place in This is the first description we populous. The Turkish rulers emony took place: Muslim Alauddin closely invested Chittor Af. A cousin of Muhammad bin title of Rai Rayan. The command of the dued Bengal which had been independent second army was entrusted to Alauddins since the death of Balban.

    Alauddin Mabar. This to Delhi with rich plunder. The Padmini legend is a part court poet. In this story. After Karan fought bravely.

    Rai Ramchandra had bin Tughlaq them raided Orissa. Kampili in South Karnataka. This was followed by the conquest of who had been in alliance with Rai Karan. Karnataka and Madurai Tamil Nadu. For the first time. Muhammad an earlier campaign. The first was against Rai Karan who Following the accession of Ghiyasuddin after his expulsion from Gujarat. The last Hindu principality in the and carried to Delhi where.

    Malik Kafur led later. Next year. In Mabar which was also annexed. There is a popular legend that gujarat. The Alliance with Rai eted Padmini. One of his daughters was married Alauddin attached Chittor because he cov. The second expedition was aimed and this time no quarter was given to the against Rai Ramachandra.

    A gidt of one lakh tonkas Tughlaq. Padmini is the princess of two campaigns in south India. Rai forward policy was embarked upon. Amir Khusrau made them the of this account. The trade eral months Alauddin stormed the fort routes to south India were well known and The ruler even had a Gujarat.

    Rai Ramchandra who sur- territories of the Delhi Sultanat reached up rendered to Kafur.

    The pear improbable. Alauddin planned two cam- him malik-naib or vice-gegent of the empire. Many experiments were made in as the bell motif. The dome rose They also freely borrowed Hindu motifs such higher. The most magnificent building con- In this way. The Khalji period saw a lot of building. They at first converted temples and widespread in north India. The arch and the dome tury was the Qutab Minar. The combination of these The use of the arch and the dome had a decorative devices was called Arabesque.

    This tapering dispensed with the need for a large number tower. In their buildings. The Arabs borrowed ral designs. The Turkish rulers used both only new construction in Delhi was a facade the dome and arch method as well as the slab of three elaborately carved arches in front and beam method as well as slab and beam of the deity room garbha griha which was method in their buildings.

    Qutab-ud-Din Bakhtiyar Kaki. The Turks used fine quality light mor. In the sphere of demolished. The on a large scale. Some of the tombs were placed in the midst of gardens. Alauddin built his capital at Siri. This is found in the Qutab This door. To have a good vice used by the Lodis was placing their skyline. In the Hauz Khas. The same is and had a huge lake the dome on scientific lines had been around it.

    Another de- new trend in architecture. It also contains a dome which. But he added an entrance door to and beam in their buildings. By blocking the passage of the did not generally use the costly red sand- Jamuna. The same is to be found in time. A striking feature of the Tughlaq archi- The Lodi Garden in Delhi is a fine example tecture was the sloping.

    This is called of this. A second feature of the Tughlaq ar- built by Shah Jahan. Its beauty was heightened by a form. Many of these features were solidity to the building. The tomb of Ghiyasuddin marks a more easily available greystone. Some of the tombs were of an oc- better and gives the effect of strength and tagonal shap[e. The Tughlaqs Tughlaqabad.

    These were the Chisti and silsilahs were generally led by a prominent Suharwardi silsilahs. The teenth centuries. Around this time. This he was able to do in a large these saints did not establish an order. Although thodoxy. After staying for some time in nominated a successor or wali to carry on Lahore and Delhi he finally shfted to Ajmer his work.

    He gave a further blow to the ra. The Chisti order was mystic who lived in a khanqah or hospice established in India by Khwaja Muinuddin along with his disciples. The monastic organisation of the which was an important political centre and Sufis. But their pantheistic ap.

    Al-Ghazzaili Every pir Raj Chauhan. Buddhism was widely wanted to have nothing to do with the state prevalent in Central Asia before the advent. Yogis continued to visit West Asia even phasis on love as the bond between God and after the advent of Islam and the yogic book. The like between the Chishti who came to India around Some of Islam. Of the bashara movements. Buddhist and in Islam at a very early stage these saints Hindu yogic influence.

    Auliya adopted yogic breathing exercises. Hindawi or Hindi. The seeds However. Namadeva is said to have travelled jab and and Multan. He enrolled disciples from all astical department. They led an austere.

    Nizamuddin made of the Maharashtrian saint. Thus his hand. Among these. Farid-ud-Din confined the Vaishnavite alvarsh disregarded the his activities to Hansi and Ajodhan in mod. Although these were many points of contact The most famous of the Chisti saints. Buddhists and preached personal devotion He was deeply respected in Delhi. His and carried their message of love and outlook was so broad and humane that some personal devotion to God to various parts of of his verses are later found quoted in the south India by using the local languages.

    Adi-Granth of the Sikhs. These early Sufis from south to north India was a slow and mingled frely with people of the lower classes. Namadeva was equally broad- minded in enrolling his disciples. As has were Bakhtiyar Kaki and his disciple Farid. The Chistis. They Allahabad and lived there and at Banaras. The most well-known far and wide and engaged in discussions with saints of the order were Shaikh Shihabuddin the Sufi saints in Delhi.

    His The Suharwardi order entered India at poetry which was written in Marathi about the same time. Bhakti took place in south Indian between The brahmanas had lost both in prestige and. They so that streams of people would throng disregarded the rigidities of the caste system around him whenever he visited Delhi. After the death of Nasiruddin placed in the second half of the fourteenth Chiragh-i-Delhi in the middle of the four. The ideas of Bhakti including the Hindus. He was opposed to all movement in north India developed around kinds of discrimination between human be.

    Legend has it that he was the tion without distinction of caste. Literature Literature 37 power following the defeat of the Rajput ings. You have study them only online i. Another reason is that you can study them anywhere and anytime. Just download the eBook in your smartphone, so that you can even study it just by lying on the bed or while commuting.

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